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Senso Premium Clic collection!

Gerflor is raising the bar on its Senso Premium Clic residential range with a patented innovation that makes this floor covering even easier to use. 

The Senso Premium Clic collection delivers superior resistance to everyday activities, improved durability and a system that turns the fitting process into real child's play! 

Two new designs have been added to the range: Greenland (with two colours: Light and Grey) and Shale Black. 


Check out the video of this new collection !

One of the best-sellers in this collection: the Columbia, a soft and generous wood that will capture the sun's rays and illuminate your interior.

Columbia Senso Premium Clic

The Shale Black decor perfectly imitates natural stone.

Its main advantages: it is less expensive, and much easier to install.

Shale Black Zoom

A warm floor covering fitted in just a few clicks! 

Are you planning a new build or looking to renovate an existing property? The range has been redesigned to ensure even greater practicality. When it comes to style, there are realistic wood and mineral-effect designs with a wide variety of on-trend patterns that will prove a match made in heaven with contemporary home interiors. 

Main advantages: 

  • Rugged and easy-to-clean floor coverings, and solutions that can shrug off the wear and tear of everyday life. 
  • Healthy and eco-friendly products: the range features an A+ rating for its indoor air quality and contains 80% raw materials purchased in France and 55% recycled materials. The range is guaranteed to be 100% recyclable. 
  • Easy to fit with the new patented Gerflor® installation system. 
  • Comfortable underfoot and sound insulation performance (78 dB walking noise in a room). 

Senso Premium Clic owes its name to a new patented snap-together system that can effortlessly be installed without any tools. Assembling tiles or planks now only requires a small "click" along the side to ensure a stable and long-lasting floor covering. 

This innovation is ideally suited to the renovation market, since floor coverings can be laid directly on top of ceramic tiles* (without an underlay) subject to certain conditions. 

* Where joints are less than 5 mm deep and 2 mm wide 

Greenland Light       

Greenland Grey salon
  • Available in 20 colors in brown or grey shades 
  • Three formats available (tiles and planks): 123.9 x 21.2cm / 146.1 x 24cm / 72.9 x 38.9cm 
  • A hard-wearing and resistant floor covering with its multi-layer design (4.5 mm thick) 
  • A French-made solution with a 20-year warranty 

Technical information 

  • Easy to install: the new patented Gerflor snap-together system is both ultra-strong and easy to use 
  • Easy to clean 

Thanks to the protective layer of Pureclean sealer, the floor covering is resistant to micro-scratches and does not attract dirt, meaning that it will keep its sparkle for longer. 

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