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Lounges and dining rooms...vinyl is a gold mine of ideas

Lounges are the ultimate in living spaces. They set the scene for countless activities, whether watching a film, having a chat, eating, playing with the kids, entertaining friends, reading a book...or having a nap! It is such a good feeling when you feel at ease in your lounge. 

In this respect, the floor covering plays a fairly decisive role. Its colors, styles and materials set the general mood, which can be enhanced further with furniture or decorative items, such as a colorful sofa, a beautiful dining table or a painting. 

A vinyl floor can tie everything together in the room. It serves as the envelope for your home interior and the playground for your lifestyle! 

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What floor should you choose for your lounge or dining room? 

A light wood design to catch the light, a dark wood finish for a spectacular industrial look, imitation bleached wood for a bohemian feel… The Senso Premium Clic collection with its 14 wood designs (grey, hazelnut, golden, etc.) and easy glue-free installation is the ideal solution for all those longing for a parquet-like floor in their lounge! For a more /node/34111organic mood, the Senso collections also offer the elegance of natural slate and an easy installation method with self-adhesive rectangular tiles, as well as a whole range of cement designs boasting varied tones and reflections. Let your creative streak do the talking! 

A gold mine of ideas for renovating the lounge floor 

The floor covering can be used to bring structure to a large living space. To create a sense of unity from the lounge to the open-plan kitchen, go for PVC roll flooring from the HQR collection, which offers a wide selection of timeless designs. Conversely, the floor covering can help define the boundaries for different living spaces. For example, marking out the dining area can bring a touch of modernity, such as with the Cordoba floor covering from the Senso Premium Easy collection. These tiles do not need to be glued down and do not have a snap-together system, meaning that they are easy to install and can be repositioned to create an original mix & match design! 

A responsible and hard-wearing vinyl floor covering for the lounge 

Changing the lounge flooring is a rare event in the home, so the quality and longevity of the new floor covering are critical. With Gerflor's floor coverings, your lounge flooring has a bright future ahead, especially since every range is guaranteed for at least 10 years, and even 15 or 20 years in some cases. The surface covering delivers long-lasting protection for the vinyl flooring against stains, scratches and marks. Since individual adhesive planks can be replaced, the chosen flooring will be capable of lasting until the end of time. That's also what sustainable development is all about! 


Virtuo Clem Around The Corner tendance minimaliste

A new trendy and design lounge : Clem ATC X Virtuo

A Virtuo Clic collection, and how many possibilities? Art Deco trend with Daintree Brown, industrial with the mineral effect of the Nordic Stone color, bohemian with the Sunny Light wood design...

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Timber Camp, for embracing nature

Is there anything better than an evening by the campfire?

Wood, leather and concrete are the favorite materials for this trend, which consists of mixing materials, vintage and modern, in an industrial style.

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Are you working on a renovation project? Do you want to make your living room more welcoming? Or give your bathroom a new look?

Integrate our floors in real time on your photo and select the perfect color for your home! You will find the perfect floor that will enhance your furniture and change the whole atmosphere of your home

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