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Otelo beige laundry

Vinyl: The best flooring option when hygiene is a priority

Pantry, utility room: which vinyl floor to choose? 

All Gerflor installation systems are accessible. Our PVC tiles and planks, whether adhesive or snap-together, do not require any complex equipment. Meanwhile, vinyl sheets are the perfect solution for small rooms and small budgets: simply cut a piece slightly larger than the surface of the room, then trim off the excess around the edges. With skirting boards for a perfect finish, a quality result is guaranteed!

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Waterproof PVC for the utility room floor? Absolutely! 

As with all wet rooms, a utility room requires a waterproof floor that can withstand all manner of splashes and leaks. Vinyl therefore offers a particularly interesting option, since it provides exceptional watertightness. The HQR range, available in sheets, is particularly recommended for its resistance to heavy loads (such as a washing machine) and offers sound insulation up to 16 dB. Designed for everyday use, Gerflor floors for wet rooms also offer a non-slip coating. 

PVC tiles, planks and sheets: the hygienic option! 

A smooth floor, without joints for dust to get stuck in, is a real asset every day: sweep up in seconds or add soapy water for a deeper clean with the mop. Our innovative, stain-resistant and 99% antibacterial (ISO 22196 standard) surface coatings have made it possible to halve the environmental impact of cleaning Gerflor floors over the past 10 years. 

The pantry and the utility room - let’s talk decoration 

Does your pantry open out on to the kitchen? If so, be sure to choose a floor with colours and material effects that will blend in with your kitchen’s design. Conversely, if the pantry is closed, or the utility room is isolated (in the basement for example), matching decoration isn’t so important. So let your creative juices flow: anything goes! 

With models such as Tiffany, Provence or Alma Blue from the Texline range, enjoy the benefits of a loose-lay design: no glue or adhesive needed! 


Oriane's elegant and functional laundry room

Who said a laundry room couldn't be chic? Since we spend so much time in this place that allows us to keep everyone clean, as much as it is pleasant! It's the pretty idea of @oriane.home.deco: a little zellige on the wall, caning on the ceiling, and our superb Authentic Blond on the floor, and voila!

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Anthentic blond buanderie

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