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As soon as we start designing a product, we strive to lower its impact on the environment.

Our solutions for offering more virtuous products involve guaranteeing durable floor coverings and choosing raw materials with a smaller carbon footprint.

Durable floor coverings

Since the best pathway for protecting resources and the planet is to offer long-lasting products, Gerflor is committed to delivering floor coverings that will stand the test of time.

With an average service life of 25 years, our floor coverings will fulfil your technical and aesthetic requirements for decades to come.

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Recycled materials incorporated into our solutions

On average, our vinyl products contain up to 25% recycled materials.

We promise to deliver the same quality and technical performance for our floor coverings that have been designed with recycled components.

75% is the average percentage of recycled or natural components in our floor coverings (chalk, salt and recycled materials).

Stringent product certification schemes and labels

Our sustainable development policy has already enabled our Group to achieve stringent certifications and labels for our products. These standards bear testament to our efforts in the following areas:

  • Floor covering durability: UPEC A+
  • Sustainable development: Cradle to Cradle
  • Reduced pollutant emissions: Blue Angel, M1, A+, FloorScore


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Gerflor, the best solution for your floors

The Gerflor Group designs, manufactures and markets an innovative, decorative, eco-friendly and end-to-end range of flexible floor covering solutions, including snap-together and glue-down vinyl tiles, and vinyl floor rolls, from installation to finishing, to enhance your home interior, such as floors for master bedrooms, floors for children's bedrooms, floors for kitchens and floors for bathrooms. 

Our product range meets the specific needs of each market application. Always aiming for greater inspiration, well-being, safety, performance and return on investment - Architecture, Decoration, Sport, Technospecific. 

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