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What tools should I use to lay my floor?

Have you bought a PVC floor covering? Do you want to fit it yourself? Here are some tips on how to choose the right installation tools.

 Fit your Gerflor snap-together tiles and planks 

Our ranges are equipped with a 100% vertical snap-together system that allows you to quickly and easily install the floor covering without having to call in a professional. This interlocking system means that tiles or planks can be assembled without glue. The only tools required are a tape measure, a straightedge, a mallet and a utility knife.

 Rigid 30 Lock / Rigid 55 Lock Acoustic 

✔ Senso 20 Lock / Senso Clic / Senso Premium Clic 

✔ Virtuo 30 Clic / Virtuo 55 Clic  


Fit your Gerflor self-adhesive tiles and planks 

The collections of self-adhesive tiles and planks are quick to install and guarantee a clean worksite, since no glue or tools are required. Simply remove the protective film from the backing before laying on the floor. All you need is a utility knife to cut your tiles or planks.

✔ Design Vinyl Tiles / Prime Vinyl Tiles 

✔ Senso Self-Adhesive / Senso Premium Self-Adhesive  


Fit your Gerflor loose-lay tiles and planks 

With Gerflor's Senso Premium Easy range, there is no need to glue the loose-lay planks and tiles to the floor or clip them together. They rely on their own weight when it comes to fitting and staying in place. This floor covering is so quick and easy to fit and can even be repositioned if you make a mistake. A compatible primer must first be applied to the substrate, such as Bostik Universal Primer. 

To fit this floor covering, you will need a utility knife, a tape measure, a straightedge and Bostik Universal Primer.

✔ Senso Premium Easy 


Fit your Gerflor glue-down tiles and planks 

Gerflor's glue-down floors are the preferred solution for professionals with their countless advantages. They are extremely hard-wearing and stable, meaning that they are less susceptible to the effects of thermal expansion. They also offer greater sound insulation performance. 

To ensure that the tiles or planks fit properly lengthwise, we would advise you to initially lay them without any glue. This will allow you to make the cuts. Then you can apply the glue over a surface of 2/3 tiles or planks, wait a few minutes for the glue to adhere and then lay your tiles or planks. 

You will therefore need a tape measure, a straightedge, a utility knife, special PVC acrylic adhesive and a pressure roller.

✔ Virtuo 30 Glue Down / Virtuo 55 Glue Down 


Fit your Gerflor floor roll

For all our collections of floor rolls, all you will need is a utility knife, a tape measure and a trimmer.

Thanks to its thick patented backing, this product does not require any glue when fitting. It can be laid directly on top of most ceramic tiles, and its exclusive structure is capable of absorbing any surface irregularities in the substrate. HQR 

For larger surface areas, you can apply double-sided adhesive strips around the edge of the room and along the joints.

This collection is designed for quick and easy installation on most substrates. You can fit this floor covering: 

  • Loose-lay without any glue or adhesive on surfaces up to 35 m² 
  • Semi-loose lay with double-sided adhesive or Velcro-type tape 
  • Glue-down: there is no need to glue down the Texline floor covering 
  • Loftex  

Glue-free installation! Loftex is so easy to install that it does not even require any glue. This collection can be used to renovate uneven floors, such as ceramic tiles, since its patented thick textile backing absorbs any surface defects.

Glue-free installation! Primetex is so easy to install that it does not even require any glue, just a smooth clean substrate.

Booster vinyl floor rolls are available in widths of 2, 3 and 4 metres depending on the model, and are laid with acrylic adhesive.


Now that you are an expert at the different types of installation and you know what tools are needed, the hardest part will be deciding which floor covering best suits your installation needs and especially your ideal design! 



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