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COnfetti Beige Texline Dinning

Materico, the sustainable and evocative architectural space

As our homes have increasingly become havens of peace in recent years, these organic-looking floor coverings bring out the home's character with their mix of materials, while allowing everyone to express their personality. 

"Here at Gerflor, creativity does not happen by chance. Neither is it intuitive or spontaneous. Creativity is like a plant that we methodically and patiently nurture and feed every single day. We travel around the world in search of the latest underlying trends in fashion, design and architecture. After returning from our journeys, we build mood boards featuring a wealth of styles, colours and materials, which serve as an infinite source of inspiration for creating new products. They represent one of the key raw materials for our future collections. They are the lifeblood that feeds our brand identity and drives Gerflor to consistently develop a growing number of unique and innovative products." 

Gino Venturelli, Artistic Director at Gerflor

The new Materico trend is a never-ending source of inspiration as it introduces new materials to transform our home interiors. Granite, terrazzo, concrete… 2022 is the year when these materials began making inroads into our cosy interiors with their earthy colours reminiscent of southern Europe. 

This trend highlights organic, personal and intense colours. 

The deep terracotta colour is ideal for emphasising a room's character. To create a real Materico atmosphere, simply paint a wall in this colour. Splashes of gold will capture and diffuse the light. 


Confetti Beige, Texline collection
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Terrazino beige, Texline collection
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Terrazino beige salle à manger
Through the designer's eyes

Our designer recommends using the Confetti Beige floor covering for this trend. 

"The Materico theme often draws on the geometric shapes and colours of the retro style, but goes much further by purifying and cleansing spaces of any sophistication. Striated unfinished concrete, cob render, smooth irregularly shaped trunks, brick walls, terracotta and molten basalt... contrasting textures and colours, transparency and opacity, shadows and light." » 


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