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Embrace a touch of fantasy with the far away trend  

The advantage with the ethnic trend is that it is compatible with practically every colour. The main palette essentially contains saturated colours (yellow, brown, orange and red) and occasionally touches of turquoise, fuchsia and coral. As such, skill and care are required when working with this profusion of colours. The best way to avoid an epic design fail is to make do with three or four major colours. 


The Far Away trend is a mixture of influences that have been handpicked from different cultures and home interiors from around the world. Wax, tribal, Bohemian, Indian, exotic... these different styles have been harmoniously combined to produce a truly unique design. Far Away is also one of the most creative trends and is capable of firing the imagination of anyone who is daring enough to embrace its wild side. The main feature with this design is that it offers a sense of escape. The ethnic style is a deliberate move away from other traditional designs and aims to conjure up images of faraway lands. To create the perfect ethic mood, a certain amount of knowledge about interior design is required. Colours and patterns naturally play a decisive role, but so do the actual materials. 

When it comes to furniture, primary textures are clearly on-trend! Wood continues to top the popularity charts for the ethic style with its natural appearance. Some species in particular are a favourite with their many colours and varying grain, which gives the impression that the object has been sculpted from a piece of bark. Similarly, uncoloured wicker, rattan and other plant fibres can be used on the armchairs or as pot covers. But an ethnic interior would not be complete without a metallic touch. Whether a shelf or the end of a sofa, all it takes is a single touch of dark metal to make its strong character felt in this exotic interior. 

Columbia Pearl, Senso Clic 30 collection
Columbia Pearl Salon
Sunny White, Senso Premium Clic collection
Sunny White Salon
Through the designer's eyes

To present this trend, our designer Gino Venturelli has gone for the Sunny White finish from the Senso Premium Clic collection. This design embraces a Bohemian and exotic style, which is reflected in the planks with their aged and natural look. Add a touch of fantasy, use bold brush strokes to emphasize the ethnic style, bring an exotic touch and finally add a unique and sometimes kitsch pop art collage with a pure, eclectic and cheerful feel. Decorate with old masks, talismans, woven mats, extravagantly embroidered rugs, votive tattoos and colors using pigments that characterize the chosen region.


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